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Ambitious plans for a hub to foster connection through social sciences – Sheffield Telegraph

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We are not resting on our laurels. These are tough times for our country and for universities, but we are determined to build on our strengths.

We need to talk about free education – Times Higher Education

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As student loan debt in the UK passes £100 billion, it’s time we faced up to the real cost of tuition fees and debt

Fear terrorism, but not your neighbours – Yorkshire Post

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We must see one another as human beings and neighbours if we are not to destroy the very values the extremists abhor.

Key Themes

Economy & Industrial Strategy

3rd August 2017 in Economy & Industrial Strategy

As interest rates remain low, Britain needs to address the productivity gap – IB Times

A decade on from the global financial crisis, the country’s productivity trends are still alarming.

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Higher Education & International Partnerships

10th July 2017 in Higher Education & International Partnerships

Sir Keith Burnett addresses the All Party Parliamentary Group on Foreign Affairs

We need to think in new ways about what Higher Education is for, and who it is for. Education can change lives, but our thinking needs to change with it for the good of all our children.

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Apprenticeships & Vocational Skills

16th March 2017 in Apprenticeships & Vocational Skills

Technically speaking, we’ll do level best to support new skilled T-levels – Sheffield Telegraph

We need to let young people develop the vital skills they need to succeed more easily. For those who study T Levels it must mean a route to success in any future they want. Their and our future depends upon it.

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Video & Broadcast

Religion and Higher Education 27:37

Professor Sir Keith Burnett discusses a personal view of how our religious traditions still matter to our scholarship in teaching and research.

Industrial Strategy 3:50

Sir Keith Burnett talks to BBC News about the Industrial Strategy and how education and innovation can make it a success for the UK.

Our relationship with China 5:51

Sir Keith Burnett talks to Sky News about about working with China and the state visit of President Xi Jinping