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I see an academic empire rising in China, and the West should take note – Times Higher Education

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Sir Keith Burnett looks into the future for UK higher education and sees the growing importance of China

Can a university education still guarantee prosperity? – Daily Telegraph

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More than 1.6 million undergraduates are now taught full-time in British universities each year, and that figure is rising. Student numbers have doubled over the last decade and a half. But are they getting a good deal?

GOP tax agenda could hurt scientific advancement in the U.S. – Washington Post

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We are blessed with gifted scientists and eager students, but if we do not support them, we will lose an advantage that will hurt us all.

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Economy & Industrial Strategy

24th November 2017 in Economy & Industrial Strategy

Capitalism that works for everyone? Beware fake news – IB Times

Policymakers must stop pretending they can fix broken markets with more and more regulation.

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Higher Education & International Partnerships

15th January 2018 in Higher Education & International Partnerships

Why we need a commission for higher education – The Sunday Times

The world of higher education is changing, and I don’t just mean the wise men gathering around our new born regulatory child, the Office for Students.

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Apprenticeships & Vocational Skills

16th March 2017 in Apprenticeships & Vocational Skills

Technically speaking, we’ll do level best to support new skilled T-levels – Sheffield Telegraph

We need to let young people develop the vital skills they need to succeed more easily. For those who study T Levels it must mean a route to success in any future they want. Their and our future depends upon it.

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Video & Broadcast

Religion and Higher Education 27:37

Professor Sir Keith Burnett discusses a personal view of how our religious traditions still matter to our scholarship in teaching and research.

Industrial Strategy 3:50

Sir Keith Burnett talks to BBC News about the Industrial Strategy and how education and innovation can make it a success for the UK.

Our relationship with China 5:51

Sir Keith Burnett talks to Sky News about about working with China and the state visit of President Xi Jinping